Open Source Case Study Introduction

The project that I chose to research is SpiderMonkey (SM). It is a JavaScript (JS) engine for Firefox. So, I guess this means that when you write some JS code, this is the underlying code that turns your JS code into machine language.

In Wikipedia, it says that SM is not a just-in-time (JIT) compiler, but it has a JIT compiler that goes with it. The JIT compiler has been updated over the years, starting with TraceMonkey, then JägerMonkey, and finally IonMonkey.

SM was originally written by Brendan Eich, and is now updated and maintained by the Mozilla Foundation. Although it is now run by Mozilla, it is not made only for Mozilla. It is meant to be used in any application that wants to run JS. Other applications include: Adobe Acrobat, Reader, Flash Professional and Dreamweaver, GNOME desktop environment, as well as many others.

During my presentation, after many hours of research, I hope to expand on details of how SM is used, how it works, and other interesting details that I may happen across.


SpiderMonkey home page:

SpiderMonkey wiki:

Brendan Eich wiki:

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